Game Mechanics

Understanding the game mechanics is crucial for players who want to see results in their tier progression. In a nutshell, TFT is a strategic team battle game where you use your resources to strengthen your deck and reduce your opponent’s health to zero.

Now let’s take a look at the key aspects: gold, health, and comps.


Season 8.5 Subterranean Rewards

In TFT, gold is essential. Without gold, you cannot purchase experience or reroll your units. Therefore, managing your gold effectively is the first important fundamental skill.

For information about winning and losing streak rewards and interest income, please refer to the table on the following website.

Strategist’s Health

Your strategist’s health decreases when you lose battles against opponents (based on the round’s health and remaining monster damage).

Additional Tip! Health is also connected to gold. If you experience consecutive losses in the early rounds, try intentionally losing on rounds 2-6 to receive the 5-loss streak reward during the creep round.


Desktop App Metatrend

We recommend building powerful comps that you can adapt to various situations. While there are different strategies, if you want to climb the ranks, concentrate on making your team stronger at every opportunity! You can also visit  TFT.OP.GG to see what deck compositions top-tier players frequently use.

For beginners who struggle with putting a comp together, the TFT mobile app provides real-time champion recommendations based on the champions you own. It’s worth giving it a try! Download the OPGG for Desktop App.

By understanding these fundamental aspects and applying them in your gameplay, you can make TFT more enjoyable!

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